Big changes recently for YES PLS!  I moved my studio into a friend's fabrication shop and it has totally changed the game.  I have worked in custom fabrication for the past 10 years.  So having access to the tools and machines in my new space is opening up a lot of design space for me.  The first year of my business I focused on molding and casting.  This was mostly due to limited space.  Now I feel like a lot of doors are opening for YES PLS and I couldn't be more excited!  

The studio is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn right off the L train.  I even have a spot to park my van in back!  I am in the process of building out my space and it is really empowering to start from scratch.  Having 24/7 access to the shop has been something I have wanted for a while now. So psyched to make more products in wood, steel, and cast metal (!?).  More to come!